I want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement. My Family and I send a big thank you to all the companies that have made my training and travels possible.

If your company would like to become a sponsor, feel free to contact myself trough the contact/appearance page. thanks you

Real Ninjas Eat Beef

Thanks to the Idaho Beef council for teaming up with me. not only is ranching and beef a big part of my life, I now get to help spread the message FB_IMG_1505405253307about healthy eating and how beef plays a huge part in my nutritional goals!


Fun Spot TrampolinesFB_IMG_1505405125475

Thank you for making high quality ninja courses inside trampoline parks! all the trampoline parks that I do Grand openings / competitions for are all built by Fun Spot Trampolines. if you are interested in their high quality parks or timing system feel free to contact them directly

Fun Spot

Groove Rings

Groove rings make a high quality silicone ring that I can wear no matter what activity I am doing! that way I can continually show my commitment and not worry about loosing my ring if I take it off or worse loose my finger if I keep it on.

Groove Rings

Jaxonbilt Hat Co

Thank you Jaxonbilt Hat Company for making a great hat! and for providing Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja_biamila with some great fitting hats for the ANW7 National Finals
Jaxonbilt Hat Company

Diamond Creek Compay

Thank you Diamond Creek Company for making Great Cowboy Ninja Tee shirts!! contact them if interested in one.
Diamond Creek Company